Collecting convolution reverb sweeps at Connelly Chapel

Brought my mini-rig back into Connelly Chapel to capture the amazing acoustic space for the instrument’s convolution reverb, using my venerable AKG C414 BULS condensers. The idea is to record a tone, sweeping from low pitch to high pitch and record the resulting reverberation. Using deconvolver software, I can then create an impulse file to be dropped into UVI Falcon’s impulse reverb so you’ll be able to recreate the chapel’s resonant space when using the sample set.

So, the chapel’s space will be available in the virtual instrument through both the more ambient samples (mono & far sample sets especially) and as a dial-in feature using the convolution ‘verb.

While there, I also gathered hammer, damper and pedal sounds, and collected impulse sweeps from inside the piano, with strings both damped and open.

AKG C414 BULS condenser mics

AKG C414 BULS condenser mics