We create sample libraries from instruments we love

Sampling a Baldwin grand

We produce sampled instruments with the aim of recreating the experience of playing the real instrument. In the sampling studio, it's that moment captured when we strike the piano key that will best tell the story of the instrument we're trying to capture, not the processing, packaging or grooming that happens after the fact.


We started with a collection of vintage drum samples packaged expressly for use with Wavemachine Lab's Drumagog back in 2004 - a collection we're still selling today. Our idea then was to present clean, unaltered, exceptionally well-recorded samples.

As a recording engineer, I had come to realize how important it is to put trust into the sound of the instruments themselves. A simple fact is that great instruments recorded well will always sound great. The engineer's job is sometimes to simply clear the path between the listener and the recorded instrument - to get out of the way, and just deliver that whole sound to the listener.

 Vintage Drums collection

Vintage Drums collection

Our instruments use UVI Falcon or UVI Workstation

We use UVI's platform to build our virtual instruments, so the freely distributed UVI Workstation or the full-featured UVI Falcon instrument are required, along with an ilok account.

Workstation & Falcon are extremely flexible, compatible with both Mac or PC, and can be used with any number of modern plugin systems. Workstation can be used on either 32 or 64 bits systems (Falcon is 64 bit only). Both are certified for use for over a dozen DAW systems, and can be used as standalone players, too.