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Is the demo really free?

Absolutely. It's only available as a single-output instrument (the full version has both a stereo and an 8-out version), but otherwise has all the features of the full version. The difference is that the demo has a recurring reminder tone every 15 seconds. Go to our downloads page to get your copy.

Is version 1.1 update free to those who already own the BPG?

Yes, it's a free update. Just download it and run it - it will already be authorized for you to use.

Can I upgrade my demo version to the full instrument?

No, you can't directly upgrade your already-installed demo - the demo and the full version are separate programs. You've got to download the full version, install and authorize it.

How do I install the demo?

Go to our downloads page and download the demo.rar file. Once it's fully downloaded, unzip the .rar file to whatever final destination you choose on your system. You can then load the instrument into either UVI Falcon or UVI Workstation, as a plugin or as a standalone.

How do I install the full instrument?

Step one - go to our downloads page and download the BPG.rar file. Once it's fully downloaded, unzip the .rar file to whatever final destination you choose on your system.
Step two - authorize the instrument with your existing ilok account.
Step three - load the instrument in either UVI Falcon or UVI Workstation, as a plugin in your DAW or as a standalone.

How do I authorize the instrument?

When you purchase the instrument, you'll recieve a unique authorization code. Go to our instrument registration page, and paste your serial number there, and enter your ilok user ID and your email, and the instrument will be added to your ilok account.

Do I need an ilok account?

Yes, you need an ilok account. If you don't have one already, register at An account is free, and it can be used to authorize dozens of other great plugins for your system.

Do I need an ilok dongle?

No dongle required! All you need is the free ilok account in order for the Pace registration system to validate your software. The dongle is useful if you need to move from studio to studio - it lets you carry all your ilok-activated software with you. But the dongle isn't required to activate the software.

Where can I download UVI Falcon or UVI Workstation?

Both are available for download at

What's the difference between UVI Falcon and UVI Workstation?

All you need is Workstation to run our instruments, but either one can be used. UVI Workstation is a simple, free player, available for use with either 64 bit or 32 bit systems, Windows or Mac, and as a plugin with virtually any modern DAW system. UVI Falcon is a full-featured hybrid sampler/synth instrument, only available for 64 bit systems - and not free. If you don't need everything UVI Falcon has to offer, just go with the free Workstation.

I've installed the instrument - but I can't find the samples?

This is because UVI creates a single monolithic file for the instrument, so the thousands of samples are hiddden, encrypted in this monolithic file. The individual samples are only accessible to the UVI players - they can't be directly accessed by you, the customer.

Will there be updates coming?

Yes. We are always working to make things better. If you're not on our list already, you can sign up for update notifications here and we'll let you know when the new stuff is ready. Signing up for news will not put you on a list for endless promo emails, by the way. We'll just use it to send you notifications of updates.

Do updated versions replace older versions, or can I run them both?

Updated versions can be installed alongside older versions, so both can be used.