Baldwin Parlor Grand v 1.1 released - 35% discount

Version 1.1 is out now, with a sale price of 35% off until February 1!

We've made some improvements and tweaked a few things. New stuff includes...

Pedal noise layer now responds to the musics' dynamics. 
Electronic sustain pedals are not velocity sensitive, but actual acoustic piano pedals are. When you play hard on a real piano, you tend to stomp on the thing, and that force is reflected in the loudness of the pedal noise. So, we hooked up an added gain reduction script that automatically reduces the sound of the pedal noises depending on the velocity of the most recently played note. So, if you play quietly, the pedal noises are softer. Nice!

Pedal noise, key release, and sustain resonance toggle added.
This little button just turns off these "extra " layers. While they contribute a lot to the realism of the instrument, they can suck up resources unnecessarily while composing or editing. This toggle just shuts them down - toggle them back on again when it's time to render your audio!

Pedal noise, key release, and sustain resonance panning follows mixer panning
This fix now allows the panning of the extra layers to follow the pan setting of the predominant mic perspective in the mixer. So, for example, if the mid mics are a little louder than the close mics, then the pan settings for the mid will also be applied to the release, noise, and resonance layers.

Simple user interface introduced
Now you'll have the option to switch to a simple interface featuring a photo of the piano with a limited set of controls - master volume, scene preset button, and global reset button. This is for those who only want to load presets, or just want a change of scenery from the full control panel. The full set of controls can be easily retrieved with a single click on a button in the upper right.

Simple interface

And some fixes include some soft clicks removed from samples, some graphics tweaked (fixed the input field for the "scene" preset function), and smoother dynamics so there's a more gradual increase in volume as velocity increases.

The update is free for those who already own the instrument. Just download it, and it's ready to go.

The demo is updated, too, so if you want to check it out, feel free to do so!